The National Black Child Development Institute, Inc. (NBCDI) founded in 1970, exists to improve and protect the quality of life of African American children and families.  NBCDI carries out its mission through a national affiliate network, public education projects and by providing leadership training in the areas of early care and education, elementary and secondary education, child welfare, parenting and health.  The institute is dedicated to linking prevention and intervention programs and resources to the African American community.  BCDI  Philadelphia & Vicinity Affiliate supports and is currently working on focus areas of NBCDI

BCDI  Philadelphia & Vicinity Affiliate believes that the availability of developmental early learning experiences promotes and strengthens the well-being of children and their families.  Such programs seek to look at the total needs of the child and family.  In doing so, they:  Recognize stages of growth and development in children; Provide stimulating experiences designed to facilitate cognitive, social, physical, cultural and emotional development; Attend to the health and nutritional needs of children; Promote nurturing and supportive emotional responses to children; and Provide culturally appropriate curriculum and practices.

Greetings to Members BCDI Philadelphia & Vicinity

With the hope of new beginnings, new opportunities, we are all so eager to usher in the New Year 2022. There’s no need to recount all the challenges faced in these tumultuous times. We are all keenly aware that there have been are far too many disappointments and far too much heartbreak to enumerate. We have been impacted by them all. And yet in the poetic and yes, the prophetic words of the great Maya Angelou, . . . “Still, I Rise”. We rise with a hope and determination. We are blessed to see a new day, blessed to have hope for tomorrow’s new possibilities, blessed with new babies born, children laughing, playing, and learning. They represent our dreams for a future of better days to come.

We are not naïve to think there is an easy pathway to NBCDI’s vision of a society that ensures a successful future for all children. But we are committed in our mission “to improve and advance the quality of life for Black children and families through education and advocacy”. Now, as much as ever and as it has always been, we must continue the hard work to position our children for better, kinder and brighter futures.

Recent circumstances have required us all to make constant adjustments in so many areas, the way we work, the way we communicate and connect with each other and the way we learn. We are required to do more and give more and innovate more. What keeps us lifted and encouraged is that every day offers more hope and the chance to make meaningful productive changes in our homes, our schools and our communities. Let us continue our efforts and our commitment to do all we can do, to get our part of the work done. Like the strength of character as our devoted “Madame President”, Lola Rooney, stay the course to do “good trouble” on behalf of our children.


—Yours for Educating Children,

               Phyllis Mason, Vice President • Philadelphia & Vicinity BCDI