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Please mark your calendars and be prepared to join us for these spectacular events, commemorating NBCDI's five-decade commitment to addressing critical and timely issues that directly impact Black children and families.

The New 50th Annual Conference and 50th Anniversary Gala Dates are:
50th Annual Conference at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, Washington, DC - August 1-3, 2021

50th Anniversary Gala at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington, DC - July 31, 2021
Please see the registration information at the end of this message.


Our theme is 50 Forward, signaling our commitment to reaching back to the wealth of knowledge we've gained over the past 50 years and bringing it into the present to make positive progress as we move forward. As we promote and share insights from NBCDI on social media channels, be sure to follow and engage us at #50Forward.

Virtual Learning Series

During the period leading up to our conference and gala, we will host a monthly virtual learning series focused on education, advocacy, innovation, and community building. These curated virtual sessions are designed to support and equip Black parents, caregivers, educators, stakeholders, and practitioners with vital resources and thought leadership as we navigate this unprecedented period of uncertainty. Additionally, the learning series will provide the opportunity for our larger community to stay meaningfully connected while sharing best practices and wisdom from which we can all benefit.

As Black children and families across the country prepare for a new school year, our first three virtual learning sessions will focus on these education and advocacy topics:
August 2020
The 2020 School Year Checklist
We will support parents and caregivers in ensuring that children receive all the support they (and parents) need for full or partial virtual learning
September 2020
As we continue to move forward into the uncharted territory of full or partial virtual learning during National School Success month, we will help parents and caregivers redefine success for themselves and their children
October 2020
The State of-and Opportunities for-Black Families
Sharing insights and wisdom on the current state of the Black Family; we will not only provide statistics and reports, but also solution-based tactics and methods for our communities

Thank you for supporting us over the past half century. We look forward to celebrating this tremendous milestone with you as we usher in the next 50 years of improving and advancing the lives of Black children and families through education and advocacy.

50 Forward!
Tobeka G. Green
President and CEO


We will provide updated conference and gala registration information on our website.


Each person who previously registered for the conference or purchased a ticket for the gala will receive a separate email explaining how to transfer your conference registration and/or gala ticket, make a donation, or request a refund for either, or both. You will be offered the options listed below.
We estimate that it will take 6-8 weeks for your request to be processed after we receive it.

If you previously registered for the 50th Annual Conference, you may:

Transfer your registration for the 50th Anniversary Conference to the new conference date (August 1-3, 2020); or

Cancel your registration for the 50th Anniversary Conference and donate all or a portion of your conference registration fee to the National Black Child Development Institute, Inc. (if you make a partial donation, you will receive the balance as refund); or

Receive a Full Refund.
Cancel your registration for the 50th Anniversary Conference and receive a refund.

If you previously purchased a ticket for the 50th Anniversary Gala, you may:

Transfer your ticket for the 50th Anniversary Gala to the new gala date (July 31, 2020); or

Cancel your ticket for the 50th Anniversary Gala and donate all or a portion of your ticket purchase price to the National Black Child Development Institute, Inc. (if you make a partial donation, you will receive the balance as refund); or

Receive a Full Refund.
Cancel your ticket for the 50th Anniversary Conference and receive a full refund.

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The National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI) is proud to continue to stand with the CROWN Coalition as it declares July 3, 2020 as National CROWN Day. National CROWN Day commemorates the one-year anniversary of the signing of the CROWN Act in California, which was the first state to pass the act. National CROWN Day is a day to stand in solidarity and raise awareness of the need to support the human right of Black people to wear their natural hair boldly and proudly, without fear of being discriminated against in school or the workplace.

The CROWN Coalition-the organization behind the historic CROWN Act- was founded by Dove, National Urban League, Western Center on Law & Poverty, and Color of Change. Their initial aim was to ban hair discrimination in the workplace; however, those efforts have now expanded to aid in the fight against all forms of racial discrimination. NBCDI established a formal partnership with the CROWN Coalition through our work with the Joy Collective, which was announced during our 49th Annual Conference. The CROWN Coalition has worked to push legislation that will prevent employers and schools from discriminating against a person based on their natural hair texture or decision to wear protective styles such as braids, locs, and weaves.

The 2019 "C.R.O.W.N. Research Study" conducted by Dove showed that more than 80% of Black women said they felt the need to change their natural hair to fit in with social norms at work. The study further illuminated that these same women were nearly twice as likely to be sent home because of their hair, and when compared with white women with the same hairstyle, were considered less "job ready."

These findings confirmed the need for the passing of the CROWN Act, protecting the right of Black women and girls to wear their natural hair. Since the signing of the landmark legislation in California, seven states and two municipalities have adopted the law, and almost two dozen more states are on board to review the bill during their upcoming legislative sessions. The CROWN Coalition has also grown tremendously in size and scope, with 65 members dedicated to eradicating systemic racism.

In alignment with our commitment to be part of the solution, NBCDI has joined the coalition, along with organizations such as Alliance for Boys and Men of Color; Anti-Defamation League; NAACP; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated; and American Civil Liberties Union.

The CROWN Coalition is now making a call for people to join their fight in advocating for legislation around four key areas: reducing systemic bias and discrimination; re-imagining public safety; dismantling voter suppression,; and driving economic equity. The coalition said in a statement:

Our country is in crisis. At this moment, there is a need to eliminate race discrimination and advocate for equity for all people in our country. Our efforts are grounded in a deep desire for racial equity, and our work will now expand to focus on fighting against all forms of racial discrimination, in addition to hair discrimination. Progress in the fight against institutionalized racism and systems of oppression comes with protections under the law.

NBCDI, along with other CROWN Coalition members, is asking the Black community and our allies to share #PassTheCrown via social media and in conversations. Please also join the movement by signing the online petition at thecrownact.com, in addition to sending a letter or email to your state and federal legislators in states that have not yet passed the CROWN Act.

Tune into Facebook Live today via https://streamyard.com/h6a2bbucb3, from 3:45 - 3:55 pm Eastern time, to see NBCDI's President and CEO, Tobeka Green, share more about NBCDI's involvement with the Crown Coalition. To support the Crown Coalition with ending racism, sign up at www.crowncoalition.com.

Learn more about the Crown Coalition's efforts and take the Dove pledge against systemic racism at dove.com/Crown.

Find information and resources from NBCDI visit us at:


Vision For African-American Children

• The right to grow up in a drug-free environment and the right to a safe place to play.

• Every 3-10 four year old child has the right to an early education emphasizing developmentally appropriate practices, parent participation, and African American values & heritage.

• Every child has the right to achieve academically, regardless of income or family background and the right to a quality education in a public school setting.

• Every child has the right to a role model, a parent, relative, tutor, or a mentor whose task is to open  the door and show the way.