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Our Children Are The Promise Of The Future, Our Hope For A Better Tomorrow

In 1970, the founders of the NBCDI made a promise. We are creating an organization, they said, that is dedicated to our children. It will be our mission to care about you; celebrate you; and provide for you – to improve and advance the quality of your life. We will be your advocates and supporters. We will be innovative, creative and relentless in helping you to achieve and succeed. We will see you in the context of your families, communities and cultures. We will believe in you.   

I am honored to be the fourth President and CEO of this historic non-profit that has been so thoughtfully and purposefully improving and advancing the quality of life for Black children and their families over the last four decades. NBCDI and its network of Affiliates, members and partners have done extraordinary work to ensure the success of our children, families and communities. Yet deep challenges persist, and although our dedication has not wavered, our promises remain unfulfilled. 

I, in turn, remain committed to ensuring that the next chapter for the National Black Child Development Institute is bright. I bring a history of experience that is steeped in family engagement, youth development and community empowerment, and I look forward to expanding our innovative and exciting collaborations with local and national leaders, policymakers, professionals, partners, and parents working in neighborhoods and cities across the country. 

As the premier non-profit dedicated to Black child health and wellness, family engagement, early childhood education, literacy and child welfare, we hope you will join us as we work together to advance culturally-relevant policies and programs that support, strengthen and uplift our Black children, families and communities. 

As you browse through our website, we encourage you to get involved - download and share our resources, donate, join an Affiliate, and become a member.  Thank you for the work you do; we look forward to joining our strength with yours to fulfill the promises we make to our children, families and communities.    



NBCDI membership gives you access to resources you need to make a positive impact in the lives of Black children and their families – and it allows us to engage in strengths-based, culturally-relevant education and advocacy.

NBCDI Keeps You Connected

  • Affiliates. Join one of over 20 Affiliates in communities across the country, with access to a local network of leaders and resources.
  • Networking. Become part of a community of thousands of educators, parents and policymakers committed to ensuring that our children are loved, valued, educated and supported.
  • Social Media. Join our community of educators, parents, researchers and more as you engage with us online .

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  • Professional Development. Take advantage of dynamic opportunities, including our Annual Conference, to build your skills and expand your knowledge, online and in person.
  • Resources. Access culturally-relevant and research-based curricula, resources and information on literacy, health and wellness, family engagement and social-emotional development. 
  • Advocacy. Become a leader, and participate in national, state and local trainings, events, collaborations and activities in order to ensure that our policymakers are making positive and equitable decisions that support our children, families and communities.  

    NBCDI Saves You Money
  • Discounts: Receive discounts on NBCDI’s Annual Conference registration, all our publications and resources, and more!

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Vision For African-American Children

• The right to grow up in a drug-free environment and the right to a safe place to play.

• Every 3-10 four year old child has the right to an early education emphasizing developmentally appropriate practices, parent participation, and African American values & heritage.

• Every child has the right to achieve academically, regardless of income or family background and the right to a quality education in a public school setting.

• Every child has the right to a role model, a parent, relative, tutor, or a mentor whose task is to open  the door and show the way.